Irish Dancing in Russia

As most of you might know, we are the photographers from Russia, we live here and we dance here. But I think, very few of you aware of how do we actually dance here =) Today I’ll tell you a little about the feiseanna we have. Tweet

Vienna Feis 2012

On 13-14th of October Feisphotos went to Vienna Feis. This was one of the largest feiseanna in Europe after the Oireachtas (not including Russia). As it’s less than a month left before the Oireachtas this feis was like a final practice =) Tweet

Moscow Feis 2012

On 6-7 October there was one of the largest irish dance feiseanna in Europe — Moscow Feis 2012, and about 600 dancers took part in it. Russian feiseanna, I can say, are the most well-organized irish dance events among all those I have seen — while having this massive amount of dancers the timing of …


Take The Floor – The Show

And finally we did it! The show was amazing, that was the completely different expirience for me. I’ve never been dancing for such an audience, I mean the way they applaud etc! Never was on a stage with so great dancers. And when you work with such great choreographers, you definitelly need to wait till …